New Beginnings

Dear felinepaws4thought readers,

My husband and I moved three and a half weeks ago! That is the reason why I’ve been neglecting writing my blog.

Remember all my previous blogs about life in the country? Well, we’ve moved only forty-five minutes from home. I’m so happy to be back home!

A lot has been going on. My husband has been getting used to his new job. I’ve started a new job too! I’m working at my mom’s sweet shop, Mo’s Sweet Shoppe to be more precise. I bake yummy belt-busting goodies. The shoppe was opened just before Christmas and we’re quite busy. Check us out on facebook.

P.S. The fur-kids have adjusted to their new home quite well. The felines have a new favorite past time- watching gray squirrels scurrying up and down the trees from the living room sofa.