Tea and a Tale with a Tabby

an interview with Rebekah Yeager


How were you and Ebony united?  Mommy brought Ebony home from the bank.  He was all alone on the road. 

How did he get his name?  Any nicknames?  He is black.  A nickname is Ebonezer.  Ebony means black.  Does he have a favorite place to cat nap?  In his dog bed. 

Which does he prefer: ball, feather wand, toy mice, cat nip…?  Ebony prefers Bryan’s toy cat. 

What is his best quality?  He cleans all the cats’ food. 

If he could change one thing about you, what would it be?  I’d play with him more. 

If he could answer one question in English, what would you ask him?  Why can’t you stay off the counters? 

Ebony and his toy cat



What’s steeping?  (Favorite kind of tea)  I don’t like tea. 

What are you currently reading?  The Magician’s Elephant

Where is your favorite place to read and where is your kitty’s favorite place to be while you’re reading?  On the couch, in his bed.

If you wrote a novel about your kitty, what would be the title?  Ebony- The One Who Will Get the Boot 

What is one feature you love most about your kitty’s looks?  He is soft. 

What hobby/craft project are you currently working on?  Play teacher.

Additional comments about your kitty?  When he was little he was a puff-ball.  He gets on the counters.  He is crazy about toy cats.  He loves everyone in the house.  He loves the cube toys.  He is rough.       

In loving memory of Luna