“Where is Emmy?”

Usually when our Emmy hears the sound of a door knob turning around 5 o’clock, she scampers down the hallway and rounds the corner into the entranceway.  Three days ago, my husband returned home like any other day.

“Hi!”, I yelled from the kitchen.  “Did Emmy greet you?”

“I don’t see her.”

“Hmmm…that’s funny.  The last time I saw her was around 4 o’clock and she was out on the deck standing on the other side of the railing.”

We have a deck that was built off our kitchen, which is on the second floor of a two family apartment; one family upstairs, one family downstairs.  My husband and I live upstairs.  When the weather is nice, I open the door and let our two kitties Nigel and Emmy enjoy the outdoors, or as close as they can get to it, and all its’ ambiance.  There are a lot of maple leaves on the ground below right now and the squirrels just love to chase each other through the crunchy leaves, up the trees, down the trees and again through the leaves.  It’s perfect “kitty tv.”

Nigel and Emmy are strictly indoor cats.  The closest they’ve gotten to exploring the outdoors, at least while living with my husband and me,  is observing from a distance on the deck.  This is a privilege that Nigel enjoys, but at the same time doesn’t make any attempts to observe any closer.  Whenever there is a patch of sunlight on the deck floor you can find Nigel curled up in it basking in its’ warmth and that’s enough for him.  Emmy’s reaction to this privilege is a different story.  She’ll step out onto the deck and after a minute walks back into the kitchen.  Apparently, the sunshine and the squirrels aren’t enough to tempt her.  This reaction has been the same since we moved here in January.  Although, I couldn’t really let the kitties go out onto the deck in the freezing cold.  They had to wait until spring.

You can imagine my surprise when my husband came home and there was no Emmy there to greet his arrival.  We looked under beds, the sofa, chairs, the dining room table, the bathroom and I checked the deck…twice.

There was no doubt that Emmy was gone.  She must have jumped from our second story deck and landed in those crunchy maple leaves.  My heart sunk.   Whether Emmy had experience outdoors before we adopted her, we don’t know.  All I knew was she was gone.

My husband walked outside and called her name.  I shook the treat bag hoping she’d come running for her treat of crunchy goodness.  We drove around our neighborhood hoping to spot her in a neighbor’s lawn or on the sidewalk.  No Emmy.

I signed into Facebook and uploaded a photo and a plea for any information on Emmy’s whereabouts.  I asked my friends to share that post and then I shared that post on the local animal sanctuary’s Facebook page.

My husband called our neighbors downstairs and explained what happened.  They promised to keep on the lookout for her as they are animal lovers themselves.

About two hours later, my husband received a phone call.  “Your cat is looking in my back door right now.”

I didn’t even put on my shoes.  I just walked downstairs and outside in my slippers.  There she was.  Emmy was tentatively looking in the window of the storm door while Murphy the Pomeranian was looking out.  I immediately scooped her up in my arms and held on tight.  I could tell she wasn’t completely confident spending time on the ground outdoors.  Her claws were immersed in my fleece jacket just enough to let me know she wasn’t going anywhere far away again.  My husband was just as happy to see Emmy.  I only held her for a few seconds when he took  her out of my arms and carried her upstairs and into our apartment.  He wasn’t taking any chances.

I was so relieved.  The worst part about the whole ordeal was not knowing if Emmy was okay.  I’m just so glad I have her back and I couldn’t thank my neighbors enough.

Needless to say, Emmy is banned from the back deck and we’re looking into purchasing a high cat tower for her amusement instead.

“Are you going to tell me of your adventures outside Emmy?” This picture was taken shortly after Emmy arrived back home safely. I hope she realized how good she has it here. 🙂

Emmy (left) and Nigel on the observation deck


Tea and a Tale with a Tabby

interview with Shirley Bean

Fancy Pants

How were you and your kitties united?

Henry- internet.  He was about two years old and is now eight.

Ebony- He was a stray and came to the bank.  Erica brought him home.  He was forced on me because Erica got two new kittens.  He has stayed ever since.

How did they get their names?  Any nicknames?

He was already named Henry.  His nicknames are “Fancy Pants” and Henry said in French.

Erica and Alan named Ebony.  His nickname is “Denise the Ebony Menace.”  I gave him this name because he is into everything.


 Do they have a favorite place to cat nap?

Henry likes to sleep on his own feather pillow (fluffed of course) at night and my lap during the day if he can.

Ebony likes to sleep on my bed during the day and his bed at night.

Which do they prefer: ball, feather wand, toy mice, cat nip…?

Henry prefers a homemade cat nip mouse shape. 

Ebony prefers a Ty Beanie Baby yellow mini kitty.  He carries it around, sleeps with it, and plays with it.

What is their best quality?

Henry is very loving and gives hugs.

Ebony’s best quality?  None!  He gets into everything- plants, on tables, claws everything, and gets into garbage. 

If they could change one thing about you, what would it be?

Henry would want more lap time.

I really have no idea what Ebony would change about me.

If they could answer one question in English, what would you ask them?

I would ask Henry, “Will you love me forever old friend?”

I would ask Ebony, “Why do you get into trouble all the time?!”

What’s steeping?

Chocolate Coconut or Hazelnut Vanilla tea

What are you currently reading?

God’s Word For Us Through Jeremiah and Erma Bombeck

Where is your favorite place to read and where are your kitties’ favorite places to be while you’re reading?

My favorite place to read is in the couch recliner.  Henry’s favorite place to be while I’m reading is on my lap.

Ebony likes to be in his bed, on the window ledge, on his cat tower or on the back of the couch.

If you wrote a novel about your kitties, what would be the title?

For Henry- A Devoted Friend in a Silk Fur Coat

For Ebony- Denise the Ebony Menace!

What is one feature you love most about your kitties’ looks?

Henry’s fur is so soft like silk.  Also, his eyes melt my heart.

Ebony is totally black with a fluffy tail.

What hobby/craft project are you currently working on?

Jewelry making and a quilt (attic window pattern)

Additional comments about your kitties?

Henry is my life.  He and Jehovah have helped me through some very rough times in the past 6 1/2 years.  He is faithful.  Whenever I’m down or cry he is right by my side.

Ebony- I’m too old to have a young kitty.  I can’t keep up.  He tolerates me and I tolerate him.  He goes upstairs to visit but wants to come home!  I don’t know why!

Sir Henry, “Yes. I am royal.”

Tea and a Tale with a Tabby

an interview with Erica Yeager

Who is in this photo?

Gussy and Gabby

How were you and your kitties united?

After losing my Luna cat I found myself very sad.  So, I started looking on the internet at www.petfinder.com.  I came across these four beautiful kittens.  They wanted them to be adopted in twos.  Gabby really caught my eye because she was a beautiful Siamese.  So, I adopted Gabby and Gussy, but Gussy chose me. 

How did they get their names?  Any nicknames?

The girls, as I like to call them, were given their names by the foster mom that took care of them.  She liked “G” names because she named my two “Gussy” and “Gabby” and the other two were “Guppy” and “Gibby”.  We call them “Gussy Girl” and “Gabby Girl” and “the girls”.

Do they have a favorite place to nap?

Gabby loves to lay in my dresser drawer and the back of Alan’s chair and Rebekah’s bed.  Gussy loves to sit beside me at night on the couch.  She also likes the back of Alan’s chair and the glider rocker stool. 

Which do they prefer: ball, feather wand, toy mice, cat nip…?

Gussy loves the crinkle balls.  She carries them in her mouth and drops them in her cube and attacks them.  She also likes the feather on her scratching post.  Gabby loves the crinkle balls, too.  She loves cat nip that Grammy gives her. 

What is their best quality?

I love when Gussy comes up to me after work and rubs all over me.  She talks a little, which I love.  Gabby is very quiet, which is nice.

If they could change one thing about you, what would it be?

Gussy would like me to get up earlier so she can eat.  Gabby doesn’t really know me.

If they could answer one question in English, what would you ask them?

Gussy- Why are you so scared for me to pick you up?

Gabby- Are you pregnant?

What’s steeping?

Good Earth Original Sweet Cinnamon Fruit Tea

What are you currently reading?

The Watchtower

Where is your favorite place to read and where is your kitties’ favorite place to be while you’re reading?

I like reading in bed or on the couch.  Luna would always sit on my lap.  Gussy will sometimes come up beside me.

If you wrote a novel about your kitties, what would be the title?

The Two Girls Who Found Their Forever Home

What is one feature you love most about their looks?

I love Gussy’s dark face.  I love Gabby’s face shape and coloring.

What hobby/craft project are you currently working on?

knitting a blanket for a friend who is having a baby

Any additional comments about the girls?

They rock!  Getting friendlier by the day.  Currently 7 1/2 months old.  Really hoping Gabby isn’t pregnant.  Only time will tell.

Tea and a Tale with a Tabby

an interview with Rebekah Yeager


How were you and Ebony united?  Mommy brought Ebony home from the bank.  He was all alone on the road. 

How did he get his name?  Any nicknames?  He is black.  A nickname is Ebonezer.  Ebony means black.  Does he have a favorite place to cat nap?  In his dog bed. 

Which does he prefer: ball, feather wand, toy mice, cat nip…?  Ebony prefers Bryan’s toy cat. 

What is his best quality?  He cleans all the cats’ food. 

If he could change one thing about you, what would it be?  I’d play with him more. 

If he could answer one question in English, what would you ask him?  Why can’t you stay off the counters? 

Ebony and his toy cat



What’s steeping?  (Favorite kind of tea)  I don’t like tea. 

What are you currently reading?  The Magician’s Elephant

Where is your favorite place to read and where is your kitty’s favorite place to be while you’re reading?  On the couch, in his bed.

If you wrote a novel about your kitty, what would be the title?  Ebony- The One Who Will Get the Boot 

What is one feature you love most about your kitty’s looks?  He is soft. 

What hobby/craft project are you currently working on?  Play teacher.

Additional comments about your kitty?  When he was little he was a puff-ball.  He gets on the counters.  He is crazy about toy cats.  He loves everyone in the house.  He loves the cube toys.  He is rough.       

In loving memory of Luna


Photo Friday

Nigel and Skoobie have an "unspoken" bond of trust and respect. Although neither one will manifest this bond with outright displays of friendship and affection, I will often find the two of them close to each other in this cuddler. I swear Nigel holds Skoobie in high regard, aware that he is a senior and with such age comes experience and therefore, deserves respect. Skoobie respects Nigel's right to "catty-ness."

Animal Sanctuary Visit

This past week I visited my family in Potter County, Pennsylvania.  My trip would not have been complete without a visit to the Animal Sanctuary in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.  While there, I admired the cats available for adoption, petting them as they rubbed up against the metal bars of their cages and speaking to them using “baby talk.”  I was granted permission to enter the small space that contained three or four kittens.  As you can see from the picture below, one kitten in particular was soaking up all the attention he could get.  He enjoyed being cradled in my arms, belly up, as if he were a baby.  I could plainly see that he was perfectly content just “hanging out” in my arms and the attraction was mutual.



An added bonus to my visit was holding a guinea pig for the first time!  It just so happened that the sanctuary had two guinea pigs available for adoption, to be adopted together.  I know that one of them was a female, but I can’t recall the sex of the other guinea pig.  I have always wanted to name a male piggy “Gunther.”  If I had my way, I would have adopted them that day.