Tea and a Tale with a Tabby

interview with Shirley Bean

Fancy Pants

How were you and your kitties united?

Henry- internet.  He was about two years old and is now eight.

Ebony- He was a stray and came to the bank.  Erica brought him home.  He was forced on me because Erica got two new kittens.  He has stayed ever since.

How did they get their names?  Any nicknames?

He was already named Henry.  His nicknames are “Fancy Pants” and Henry said in French.

Erica and Alan named Ebony.  His nickname is “Denise the Ebony Menace.”  I gave him this name because he is into everything.


 Do they have a favorite place to cat nap?

Henry likes to sleep on his own feather pillow (fluffed of course) at night and my lap during the day if he can.

Ebony likes to sleep on my bed during the day and his bed at night.

Which do they prefer: ball, feather wand, toy mice, cat nip…?

Henry prefers a homemade cat nip mouse shape. 

Ebony prefers a Ty Beanie Baby yellow mini kitty.  He carries it around, sleeps with it, and plays with it.

What is their best quality?

Henry is very loving and gives hugs.

Ebony’s best quality?  None!  He gets into everything- plants, on tables, claws everything, and gets into garbage. 

If they could change one thing about you, what would it be?

Henry would want more lap time.

I really have no idea what Ebony would change about me.

If they could answer one question in English, what would you ask them?

I would ask Henry, “Will you love me forever old friend?”

I would ask Ebony, “Why do you get into trouble all the time?!”

What’s steeping?

Chocolate Coconut or Hazelnut Vanilla tea

What are you currently reading?

God’s Word For Us Through Jeremiah and Erma Bombeck

Where is your favorite place to read and where are your kitties’ favorite places to be while you’re reading?

My favorite place to read is in the couch recliner.  Henry’s favorite place to be while I’m reading is on my lap.

Ebony likes to be in his bed, on the window ledge, on his cat tower or on the back of the couch.

If you wrote a novel about your kitties, what would be the title?

For Henry- A Devoted Friend in a Silk Fur Coat

For Ebony- Denise the Ebony Menace!

What is one feature you love most about your kitties’ looks?

Henry’s fur is so soft like silk.  Also, his eyes melt my heart.

Ebony is totally black with a fluffy tail.

What hobby/craft project are you currently working on?

Jewelry making and a quilt (attic window pattern)

Additional comments about your kitties?

Henry is my life.  He and Jehovah have helped me through some very rough times in the past 6 1/2 years.  He is faithful.  Whenever I’m down or cry he is right by my side.

Ebony- I’m too old to have a young kitty.  I can’t keep up.  He tolerates me and I tolerate him.  He goes upstairs to visit but wants to come home!  I don’t know why!

Sir Henry, “Yes. I am royal.”


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