Photo Friday- Rory the SPCA Cat



Me and Rory


Last Sunday, my friend Holly and I went to a local SPCA’s open house.  This is the same SPCA that my husband and I found Nigel and Emmy residing in until they found their fur-ever home with us.  Anyway, I had never been to this SPCA’s open house and I just wanted to go and see what all the hype was about.  Free food was made available to the guests, which included pizza from Original Italian Pizza, donuts courtesy of Dunkin Donuts, desserts made by volunteers, etc.  On display were several large gift baskets that guests could hope to win for the price of a raffle ticket- 1 ticket for $1; 3 tickets for $2; or 10 tickets for $5.  There were two gift baskets that contained all the vittles that a dog might find yummy.  Cats weren’t left out as there was a gift basket that contained all the culinary temptations for a finicky feline.  Several guests  chose to bring their canine companions all decked out in their doggie duds.  Whether it was a  brightly colored bandana or a snazzy sweater depended on the puppy’s preference.  Not to be outdone by all the cute canines was a DJ making his presence known with the 80’s super hit by Culture Club,Karma Chameleon“.

My favorite part, though, was when Holly and I visited the cats’ quarters of which I’ve dubbed the name “Cat Room“.  I was lightly treading so as not to step on a tail of an unsuspecting feline.  I wanted to see if any cats approached me first, instead of me forcing my friendship on them.  That’s when I met Rory.  He had been standing on top of a vinyl tablecloth adorned plastic white table.  There were three or four other cats in his company on the table, but he was the only one that gave me affectionate “head-butts”.  Nigel gives me head-butts.  It’s when he gently rams his forehead into my forehead and then twists his soft furry face all round my face.  That’s how I knew Rory liked me.

Of course, I had been thinking of a new name for Rory on my way home and even for some time after I arrived home that late afternoon.  I have a name fetish.  So, I conjured up the perfect name, “Nightly”.  My inspiration?  Well, I’m a huge Jane Austen fan, particularly for her masterpiece, Emma.  There is a handsome character named “Knightley”.  He has the most desirous personality of all Austen’s male leads, in my opinion.  He’s an amiable and courteous gentleman.  So, I dropped the ‘K’ and the ‘E’ to come up with Nightly because this kitty is black as night.

*sigh*  But I didn’t adopt him as we already have two kitties and one dog. However,  I will never forget the day that I went to the Pottsville SPCA’s Open House and met Rory, or Nightly,  the black kitty who gave me head-butts.


3 comments on “Photo Friday- Rory the SPCA Cat

  1. roritherat says:

    The name Rory is pretty awesome, though I am a little bit biased 😉

  2. I have been examinating out some of your posts and i must say pretty nice stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your website.

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