Bunny Blues

…continued from “Bunny Business

For me, there was one major drawback to having Pumpkin as a pet.  It was an issue that even with all my extensive research, I had foolishly overlooked.  First, before doing any research, I should have sat down and written a list of things that I wanted in a pet.  The first bullet point would have been “cuddle ability”.  I had a lot of love to give to a pet.  One way that I wanted to demonstrate this love was by holding and snuggling my pet.  Pumpkin, however, did not like to be picked up.  And I didn’t want to force the issue, because a rabbit’s kick is so powerful, that in trying to escape it could break it’s spine.  Therefore, I could not hold him.  To someone else, cuddle ability could be considered a minor issue.  For me, however, it was a deal-breaker.

Rabbits are naturally skittish animals.  They frighten easily and can even die from a heart attack due to fear.  There was one occasion in particular that gave credence to that claim.  I had walked in the “bunny room” carrying a brightly colored plastic sand toy.  Pumpkin was crouched in the back left corner of the room.  Not a muscle was moving.  Even his nose wasn’t twitching.  I walked up to him and set the toy down on the floor right in front of his face.  In an instant, he got up and ran in circles around the perimeter of the room, once or twice slamming his face on the outside of his crate.  There’s no telling just how many laps he accomplished.  It happened so fast that I don’t even have words to describe his speed.  To make the matter worse, I had been standing in the center of the room, spinning myself around to keep my eyes on him.  Looking back, I know that my actions only exacerbated the situation, but I learned my lesson.  Once Pumpkin had finally stopped running at full bunny speed, I calmly left the room knowing that he needed silence and space to calm down.  When I eventually did go back into the room to see him, I told him over and over how sorry I was for scaring him.  I hope that he understood somehow that I felt so bad and didn’t mean to cause him harm.  After that, I would look at his nose to make sure that it was twitching before I approached him.  It is now my understanding that rabbits will sleep with their eyes open, a still nose being the only evidence of their slumber.

Our relationship just wasn’t what I had envisioned.  BunnyPeople had a two week return policy.  So, with heavy hearts we returned Pumpkin to the bunny shelter and received a full adoption refund.


To be continued…


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