Photo Friday- Window Buddies

Can you guess which kitty is Emmy and which kitty is Nigel? Ok, I'll tell you. Emmy is on the left. Nigel is on the right. I love photos of cats sitting serenely on window sills. In this photo, I've captured a moment of peace between the two felines. Usually, Emmy is ready and willing to smack Nigel on the cheek with her paw. Normally, he just takes it like the gentleman that he is. Lately, though, he has reversed his mode of reaction towards his sister by running after her full speed in attempts to pounce on her and hold her as his captive. However, in this photo, let's enjoy the peace and tranquility while we can.


5 comments on “Photo Friday- Window Buddies

  1. This is such a great picture! The kitties look so darling, and the picture itself is just gorgeous.
    Hope you all have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

  2. Alexandra says:

    Yay! I guessed who Emmy is before I read the next sentence. She looks female, I don’t know what it is but she just does. Maybe it’s in the lines of her head.
    When I saw the preview in the page for tag “cats” I thought it was a copy-past photo, I thought somebody has just played with Photoshop.
    Do they have different voices?

    • Thanks for commenting Alexandra! I agree. Emmy’s face does look “female”. Their voices are different. Emmy’s is more high-pitched and girly, as opposed to Nigel. I hear her high-pitched voice the most in the morning when she comes into our bedroom, jumps on our bed and meows right in my face for her breakfast.

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