“The Skoob-fest”

After spending his week at our vet’s office while we were on vacation, Skoobie was super excited to see me when I went to pick him up.  He couldn’t get out of that office fast enough!

Once we arrived home and I lifted him from my lap and out of the car onto the ground, he walked right over to the entrance door, put his two front paws on the step and sniffed at the closed door as if to say, “Let me in!”  Usually, he wants to walk around outside and sniff every vertical object, but not that day.  He just wanted to be back home.

Once I carried him up the steps and set him down on the living room carpet, he went ripping through the apartment as fast as his little white hairy legs could carry him.  He was home!

Later that night, he did something really cute.  I had set a plastic bag on the kitchen floor.  It contained the contents of his “necessities” for a week-long boarding- 2 food bowls, leash, written instructions, etc.  I had forgotten about one item, though.  I was standing at the kitchen sink and heard him rummaging through the plastic bag.  I figured he probably was sniffing his food bowls as he is the greatest canine mooch I’ve ever encountered.  Nope.  He wasn’t interested in the food bowls, surprisingly.  He wanted his black poodle stuffed squeaker toy.  🙂  I had forgotten that I sent that with him.  Once he had the toy in his mouth, he turned around and trotted his little Skoob self down the long hallway and into his “room”.  It was one of the cutest things I’ve seen him do.


One comment on ““The Skoob-fest”

  1. anickalc says:

    Oh.. Mr. Skoobs, lol, I have some good photos of him actually. Was thinking about posting them…

    Glad you guys had a good time!


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