It’s the small things that count.

My maiden name is Chalmers.

Now that summer is on its way out the door, (good riddance summer), I feel I’m in a better position to try to have a more positive outlook.  You’ve probably heard of “seasonal depression”.  Most people who live with seasonal depression experience it in the cold months, particularly winter because the days are shorter and the hours of sunlight have vastly diminished.  For me, though, I experience seasonal depression in the summertime.

Now that summertime has finally been kicked to the curb, I’m definitely feeling more upbeat.  I’d like to live in the moments.  I’d like to remember the emotions I feel when I experience something positive.  Yes, I’d like to stop and smell the roses more.  That means I have to slow down.  I’m obsessed with time.  I was always a stickler for punctuality, but I think I’ve taken this obsession to a whole new level since I got married.  Maybe that’s because my husband is the complete opposite.  🙂  He’s the king of procrastination and I’m the queen of punctuality.  He underestimates the amount of time it will take to do something and I overestimate the amount of time because you never know what “unforeseen occurrence” will befall you.  I’m the type of person that might give myself a time limit to stop and smell the roses.

So, this fall and on in to the winter months, I’d like to feel less uptight.  Fall is my favorite season and it will be gone before I know it.  I have to make as many memories this fall as I possibly can.  I’m off to a good start.  My husband and I went to the Gratz Fair a week ago.  I love small hometown fairs.  It’s a special ride to Gratz because it’s very scenic and the road ambles through rolling hills.  It’s a great ride to see fall foliage, too.  A small fair might not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s a big deal to me.  The lazy car rides through countryside are reminiscent of home.  I used to hate when my dad would meander through a lot of tractors and take his sweet ol’ time.  “How many tractors can you look at dad?”  But it made him happy and time stopped a while for him.  I can see the appeal of stopping time now that I’m getting older.  I enjoyed moseying on the fairgrounds.  I even stopped to look at the tractors.  🙂

Upon entering the fairgrounds was “The Spice King”.  Inside a white pavilion, a gentleman had hundreds of small zip-loc bags filled with spices for sale.  The rich aroma of all the different spices reminded me of a line from the 1995 movie adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, starring Kate Winslet.  When the geography-obsessed Dashwood sister, Margaret, asks Colonel Brandon what it was like to serve in the West Indies, he replies temptingly, “The air was full of spices.”

I bought two bags of curry powder, ground corriander, garam masala, ground allspice, and ground cloves.  The air in my kitchen is still “full of spices”.

My friend said it looks like he's wearing boots.

The truth is there’s enough reality to last a lifetime, but the Gratz Fair only comes once a year.  Why not enjoy it?  Why not enjoy the little things that make me happy?

I believe I was talking to this guy here. I think he liked me. 🙂

He became quite my buddy of a barnyard friend.

Here’s to taking more photographs and acknowledging the happy moments, and giving myself permission to feel them, more this fall!

My new bunny friend "Carmel". He was the sweetest.

Paul and Carmel's ladyfriend Jasmine.

And a picture of a pig for good measure.


One comment on “It’s the small things that count.

  1. Holly Moyer says:

    Hey, Delonna! It’s Holly.

    I really don’t want to see summer go…I’m the opposite of you, I guess. I’m dreading winter, because I know how the darkness and cold is going to affect me. I also know what you mean about feeling uptight and not remembering the emotions you feel. I feel the same way only I don’t get anxious about time (because I’m a procrastinator too) mine is more about money and certain social things. I get sick from it, too. So. I hear ya, sista.

    Anyway, I have a car during the day now. We need to hang out. Especially as winter approaches, since you might be able to cheer me up 🙂

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