My head is like a cannon

Ready to explode

It is the cannon ball

And it’s ready to unload

There are so many thoughts

That are weighing on my mind

They’re like paperweights

And only until they’re lifted

One will find

What’s on my mind

My thoughts are like memos

Weighed down

Waiting for notice

But each one must wait


Oh, if one only knew how slow it is

My thoughts are like emails

They’re rifled through

I have peace of mind


A new one comes through


A dim light creeps along the floor

gradually becoming even dimmer.

Just feet away from its grasp, he lies

quiet in his slumber.

With each breath inhaled his chest gently rises.

With each breath exhaled it falls,

leaving one no surprises.

The only sound I hear is

him softly breathing.

All of this he doesn’t notice of course


a silent observer can see that he’s only sleeping.

Sleepless Night

Sleepless night

Oh has awakened me

Eyes opened

But I’m forever dreaming

Into the darkness

Eyes cannot see.

Oh sleepless night

You keep beckoning me

Your prisoner I am

But all I want is to be free.

Bound by your chains

I have no choice but to obey

But oh sleepless night!

In your chains forever you can’t make me stay.

Lonely Night

Darkness arrives early

Only street lights illuminating

The neighbor’s dog howls;

The only sign of life.

This small town sleeps

But a new day will awaken them

He’s stirring in bed

Relaxed as his body twitches.

Sleep has been robbed from me

By the sleepless night monster.

Greedily, he uses up my sleep for himself.

Greedy little monster.

Everyone is asleep.

I hope he’s happy

As it’ll be another lonely night for me.


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