Napping Nigel

I’d like to take a break from my story called Nigel’s Way and relate an endearing experience that I had this morning.

After a week and a half of stress and anxiety building up due to several issues, the stress decided to claim its hold on me last night by manifesting itself in the form of an upset stomach.  I still have it but not as bad.  I’ve decided to take it easy today.  For me that means obsessing over some house work for an hour or so and then laying in bed in my darkened room.  After unloading the dishwasher, reloading it, washing countertops, etc. I took my leave for some rest and relaxation.  Skoobie was already curled up sleeping on top of the bed covers.  Emmy curled up beside my right hip to nap.  I was laying flat on my back thinking, “Now all we need is Nigel“, and up he jumped onto the bed.  He carefully walked across my legs and up onto my stomach.  His resting position of choice was to face me and lay right on top the part of my stomach that wasn’t feeling so great.  His weight on that aching spot actually made it feel better.  I had only been petting him for about a minute when he leaned his head forward and downward to “kiss” my chin.  That’s something he almost never does.  With his left paw crossed over top his right paw, he tilted his head ever so slightly as if to say, “That’s the spot“, as I massaged his fatty neck.  His deep throaty purr sent tiny vibrations through my fingertips at work.

You might think it coincidence, but I’d like to think Nigel knew exactly what he was doing.

Nigel on top, Emmy inside hut


One comment on “Nigel

  1. Jessica says:

    Perfect story Don! If you needed to pick a city pet…you’re spot on…xoxokitties

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